Specialized Forklifts

Many of our specialized forklifts are available in our inventory of over fifty lift trucks.
Please contact our team for all of your forklifts needs at 514-323-2533.

Prolifte Inc. offers several specialized lift trucks with capacities ranging from 3 000 to 60 000 pounds capacity. More specifically, here are some details about our equipments.

WHEELS: Solid, Pneumatic, Softy (soft shoe), Trackless (white)
FUEL: Propane (LPG) or Diesel
MAST: Short, Regular and Long (up to 25 feet)
FORKS: 4 to 12 feet long
OPTIONS: Rotating accessories, Fork positioners, etc.

Do not hesitate to contact our team, by calling 514-323-2533 we will answer all your needs. For directions to our offices, click here.


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